Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Malaysian Government Job Vacancies


Public Services Commission (PSC) of Malaysia is a responsible party which has been entrusted by the government to manage the recruitment process of government staff.

Every Malaysian who is above 18 years old is allowed to apply any jobs offered which is suitable  with their qualifications and experiences.

The Public Service Commission of Malaysia’s function under Article 144(1) of the Federal Constitution stipulated 6 main functions of the Commission, which are;


Article 144(1) of the Federal Constitution:
“Depending on the provision of any laws at hand and towards the provision of this Constitution, therefore it has become the duty of a Commission which is referred by this Section to appoint, confirm, confer into permanent or pension status, promote, transfer and to exercise disciplinary control over personnel for services covered by its jurisdiction.”

PSC's Functions
Functions carried out by the PSC is as stipulated in the Federal Constitution and it includes the following:

The Commission manages the appointment of personnel in the Public Service on permanent, temporary, contractual, temporary transfer and loan status. It also has the authority to terminate the services of personnel in the Public Service according to the appointment’s directive. In addition, the Commission has empowered Ministries and Federal Departments as well as relevant State’s Administrative Government for posts in the Support Group (Group C and D JKK).

The Commission has the authority to confirm personnel in the Public Service of their services, to extend trial period, to return a personnel to an original post or to terminate the services due to failure at being confirmed of their services. It has empowered the Ministries and Federal Departments as well as relevant State’s Administrative Government to confirm the services for posts in the Support Group (Group C and D JKK).

The Commission manages the conferment into pension status of personnel in the Public Service who are confirmed in service and has served in services deemed pension status for not less than 3 years. This does not relate to the Support Group (Group D JKK).

The Commission has the authority to transfer permanent personnel in Public Service from one scheme of service to another scheme, and from one service to another scheme of service of equal grade. It also has the authority to transfer permanent officers appointed on temporary transfer or loan.

The Commission functions as a Board of Promotion for promotion to posts for members from the Public Service Boards of Promotion as well as promotion to a higher grade under the Integrated Service Scheme. Additionally, it also functions as a Board of Appeal for the Public Service Promotion as provided under the relevant Orders of the Public Service’s Board of Promotion.

The Commission is a relevant Disciplinary Authority for disciplinary actions with the purpose of dismissal or demotion of officers in the Highest Management Group and the Professional Management Group. It also acts as the Public Service Disciplinary Board of Appeal as provided by the relevant Orders of the Public Service Disciplinary Board.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Career @ Maybank Group

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At Maybank, we're guided by our Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & efficiency and Relationship building. As an integral part of our daily efforts, these values guide us in our pursuit for growth and excellence.

Any aspiration can come true with the right opportunity. At Maybank, we set our sights on selecting the brightest minds to be part of our team. The search is on for inspired individuals who are ready to go the distance with one of the leading financial institutions in Malaysia. We offer you opportunities for growth and excellence to achieve a mutually beneficial partnership and winning edge.

Welcome to Maybank's myCareer. Take a look at our available vacancies and decide your future, and be part of the team.

Come and ROAR with us!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sime Darby Berhad

SD is proud to be the employer of choice for over 100,000 employees. SD is committed to nurturing and growing our talent both in Malaysia and overseas as they are our true business differentiator. 

SD's talent management strategy is quite simple: to attract, motivate, develop and engage talent towards becoming outstanding professionals and well rounded international executive. SD focus its efforts on ensuring policies and programmes to support this strategy. From the traditional learning and development programmes that are structured, developed and conducted by our Business School, to innovative practices like individual and team based action learning programmes, e-learning as well as local and international rotational assignments, SD aims to be the catalyst for its employees to realise their true potential. 

For Graduates/Graduan, SD will offer you a very competitive base salary in the market as well as an outdoor challenge programme in Carey Island, Selangor to test your management and teamwork skills in a very natural environment.

Hurry Up! Get your resume and CV being reviewed by an expert today! Don't miss the opportunity of joining the largest listed plantation company in the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Malaysia Career & Training Fair 2010

100 over companies from various industries will be there – companies looking for talented, enthusiastic, and bright people like you. Meet them face-to-face, speak to them, and impress them. Don’t miss this chance to showcase your resume and attract both local and international top companies.


If not, you might lose opportunity of being hired by the employers like Sime Darby, Panasonic, KFC Holdings, RBC Dexia, Naza Group and many more...


                                 ONE-OFF FEE CONSULTATION UNTIL YOU GET A JOB!


One of the reason companies participates in career fair is to source for talent. Most of the career fair charges the employer RM1,000 – RM15,000 for the 3-days event. With this big sums of money of course the Recruiter will their best to source out talents. Jobsdb has shared in their website very good article on how to market yourself at the Career Fair.

Career fairs all have one common theme: it’s a chance for companies to meet and screen a large volume of potential job candidates. Whether you’re a fresh graduate new to the job-search process or a seasoned professional, you would want to strategically position yourself above many of the other job-seekers attending the fair. Keep in mind that career fairs are only just one small part of your entire job search process. However, if managed well, they can actually get you on route to your dream job. By following these strategies, you can improve your odds of not being screened out and should lead to increase your chances of obtaining a second interview. Here is some advice on how to maximize your time at the career fair.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: 5 Things You SHOULD DO Take to the Career Fair!

Copies of your resume (20 to 30 depending on the size of the event). Be sure it represents your knowledge, skills, and abilities effectively. Bring at least two for each company for which you have an interest in. If you have multiple interests or job objectives, make sure you bring enough of each version of your resume. You should also bring versions of your resumes that can be scanned.

A smile, a strong handshake, and a positive attitude. First impressions are vital. Approach an employer, smile, and offer your hand when you introduce yourself.

A 30-second promo line. Hand the recruiter a copy of your resume and be prepared to expand on it real quick! Share basic information about yourself and your career interests and it should go something like this: “Hello, I’m Shirley. I’m a senior here at Genius University and I’m majoring in English. I’m very interested in a marketing career. As you can see on my resume, I’ve just completed an internship in the Marketing Division of the DB Company in KL. I’ve also taken some courses in business marketing and I’m very interested to talk to you about marketing opportunities with your organization.”

Information about the participating organizations. Gather all necessary information about the company and the job you desire. To maximize the brief time you have with each employer, you need to know how your skills and interests match their needs. And don’t just concentrate on the heavyweights. There are often great opportunities with companies which you are not familiar with.

Energy and strategy! Career fairs require you to be on your feet moving from table to table for an hour or so. Each time you meet someone, be at your best, as refreshed as possible. You also need to devise a strategy or plan of attack for the fair. We suggest meeting with your top choices first thing in the morning, interviewing with your other choices in the middle of the day, and returning to your top choices at the end of the day to thank them again for their time.

5 Things YOU SHOULD NOT DO at the Career Fair

Don’t cruise the booths with a group of friends. Interact with the recruiters on your own. Make your own positive impression!

Don’t carry your backpack, large purse, or other belongings with you. Carry your resume in a professional-looking folder or in a small briefcase. It will keep your resume neat and handy, and give you a place to file business cards of recruiters you meet.

Don’t under dress. Conservative business attire is essential. Know what the expected attire of your profession is and dress accordingly because a career fair is a professional activity–perhaps your first contact with a future employer.

Don’t wing it with employers. Do your homework! Research the companies just as you would for an interview. You’ll be able to tell on why you want to work for the organization and what you can do for them.

Don’t turn up late, especially during the last half hour of the event. Some employers may have come a long distance to attend the fair and may need to leave early. If you come late, you may miss the organizations you wanted to contact!

5 Things YOU SHOULD  Take Home From the Career Fair

Business cards from the recruiters you have met. Use the cards to write follow-up notes to those organizations which interest you the most because career fairs are all about networking. You can also network with your fellow job-seekers in terms of sharing information about job leads.

Notes about contacts you made. Take paper and pen with you to write down important details about particular organizations, including names of people who may not have business cards. Take a few minutes after you leave each table to jot down these notes.

Information about organizations you have contacted. Most recruiters will have information for you to pick up, including company brochures, CDs, position descriptions, and other data. You won’t have time to deal with these at the fair!

A better sense of your career options. If you have used the event correctly, you will have made contact with several organizations that hire people with your skills and interests. In thinking about their needs and your background, evaluate whether each company might be a match for you.

Self-confidence in interacting with employer representatives. A career fair should have given you ample opportunity to practice your interview skills in a less formidable environment rather than a formal interview.

So gear yourselves up and come to the fair — prepared! Your dream job may just be right there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jobs1 Malaysia

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